Alex is a novel I wrote that I would really like to see published. Below is the story synopsis and some sample chapters. I would appreciate any feedback.

    Story Synopsis

      Everyone has a purpose in life, no matter how large or small. Max Endicott finds his from a most unusual source – Alex, a girl who’s been out of his life for forty-six years.

      A highway accident brings Max face to face with the vision of Alex, a girl he knew and loved in what seems like a lifetime ago. During the summer of 1964, it had been love at first sight for both Max and Alex. Then without warning Alex and her family suddenly disappear leaving no trace, no clues, and only one question in Max’s mind – why.

      ALEX is a paranormal romance of young, innocent love, quickly taken away and reborn. Across the tenuous boundaries of life and death, Max rediscovers Alex and the answer he sought so long ago. Through Alex, he discovers his purpose in life, and sets out to reveal the truth.

      Chapter Two
      Chapter Four

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